A downloadable tool for Windows

PAIcom! The funniest and best furry voice computer assistant there is!

[Also the first furry (protogen) computer assistant in the world!]

Using your microphone you can talk to him! (Creator note: It is very nice to talk to an AI when you don't have friends!)

He can open apps, games, websites on your computer and much more! 

Works on desktop and VR!
Now available to download on itch.io and soon on Steam!

PAIcom (discord server)

PAIcom's discord server! Press on the discord logo to join it! `:D

So... why download PAIcom?

               He is VERY FUNNY!

PAIcom is very FUNNY!!  

He has a joke for all the  voice commands he has!

                     He is very fast!

He is very fast! 
Source: trust me bro

         Customize/Change his skin!

You don't like toasters? I mean... Protogens? I mean we don't even know where the bread goes... :thinking:
So don't worry! You can change PAIcom's skin!

   Okay so how do you afford this?

I can't afford it lmfao.
So if ya want to help me please consider supporting me on Patreon or buying my merch!

Official Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/paicom?fan_landing=true

MERCH: https://www.redbubble.com/people/Ovidiu-Dendrino/shop


PAIcom [v0.1].rar 59 MB


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it dont work ;-;

Please join our discord server so we can help you get PAIcom up and running! `:D
Link: https://discord.com/invite/eJgthqE264

sorry i cant at thhe time but ill defenetly do it! :D

So uh, i have no wonder why i ended up here

hi im iamafurrylovers alt acount

Good to know haha...


My antivirus detected this as a virus what should i do?

Can you tell me exactly what antivirus software detects PAIcom as a virus? (and as what type of virus)
I'll contact that antivirus company to verify my software so this won't be an issue in the future. 
(I've did that with microsoft (microsoft defender), avast, etc)
Sometimes some bad antivirus softwares detect my software as a virus because it uses your microphone (to freaking hear you lol) and it downloads/modifies it files (to install itself or update itself).

If you want to use PAIcom now you can "whitelist" both the "installer" (the folder that has the installer you downloaded from this website) and also whitelist the C:/PAIcom folder (after is made by the installer).

I hope I helped you and I hope you have a nice day/night!

why can't i see paicom? it shows he's active and he's responsive but he's not showing up on my desktop

Try the 720p mode!
That should fix your problem! `:D
(If you still have this problem after choosing the 720p mode please join our discord server)

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nvm i got it to download i love this keep making stuff like this its amazing!!!

Thank you a lot! `:D
Your comment really made my day!

whatdo i open him in

Extract the rar file and run the installer! `:D

is this the app i open him in BreeZip : FREE RAR & ZIP Extractor

Hi there - is Paicom available on steam in early access? (because I can't find it there)

Hello there!
PAIcom is not yet available to be downloaded/purchased from the Steam digital store.

I've almost finished PAIcom's Steam page so everyone will can (for now) wishlist and download PAIcom's demo.
(I am not right now at home so I can't say exactly when it will be available, but I can say it will be soon! `:D)

I hope I helped you! `:D

Thanks, that was all answers I have ask for ;-)


Glad to hear that you liked my software haha! `:D

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How do you open it? It is a rar file and needs something to open it? Also I use windows 11

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Its a .rar file.
You need to extract the rar file (using winrar or something similar) and run the installer! `:D
Also dw, PAIcom was tested and optimized for Windows 11 too!

(If you have more problems don't forget to read the manuals that are in the .rar folder you just extracted)

Ok thanks a bunch mate! Also, Good work, you should be proud of yourself dude!

Ayy thank you haha! I'm really happy of it!
I'm also happy I've managed to get 28k users on my other computer assistant too! (Smug AI computer assistant lol)

Again, thank you for downloading my software and I hope you have a great time with it!

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Also, you can try and steal my hentai watch list.


To save you the trouble

are u sure that this isnt a virus like bunzo buddy

Hello there!
PAIcom is not a virus haha.
PAIcom was even whitelisted by Microsoft themselves (on their Microsoft defender antivirus software) and PAIcom will be soon on Steam!

If you want, you can wait 2-3 weeks for PAIcom to appear on Steam! (if you feel more safe-er!)

i dont have a steam acount and im using windows 7

I think PAIcom will work on windows 7 too (even tho I didn't tested it on a win 7 device).
It sounds like you have an old computer tho.
 PAIcom's minimum requirements are:
- i3 5th generation CPU or higher

If you don't meet the minimum requirements, PAIcom won't work. So be aware of that!
If you do have the minimum requirements it should (in theory) work but I cannot guarantee it. (because of the windows version you are using)

Anyway, thank you for stopping by my software's page! `:D

its old cause its my grandpas computer

btw only the box is old

and linux mint softwarw isnt virus safe anymore

Yeah idk, mate...
Check ya cpu n stuff but if it is an old or very old computer PAIcom won't work.
You need at least an i3 5th generation CPU (or higher) so the speech recognition system will work (aka the thing that makes PAIcom hear you and understand what you are saying at any given moment).


i can´t find it on Steam can you send a Link to it ?

nice i hope to this will work on m

If you are on a MacBook try Parallels Desktop and it should work! `:D

Hello yall!
Ovidiu Dendrino here! (the virgin who made this lol)
PAIcom is in the beta stages, so there might be minor bugs.
If you found a bug (or have problems with the software and the manuals don't help you) report it or dm me to me thru our discord server! `:D
Link: https://discord.gg/eJgthqE264